Sunday, 7 July 2013

An act of kindness

I read an article in our local paper this week that has kept me thinking, filled me with hope and reminded me how the littlest things and just a few kind words can inspire change and make the biggest of differences.  

Two teenage school girls left a series of anonymous handwritten messages inside their school's girls bathrooms last month. Little words of inspiration to remind their friends and the rest of the school girls of their worth. To make their friends smile, feel good about themselves. To bring messages of hope to those like their close friend who were replaying words of hurt in their head. Messages like never give up, you're beautiful, don't worry what bullies say, you're perfect just the way you are.

In the article a teacher says students left the bathrooms smiling. And news of the messages quickly spread around the school.

And its got me thinking about the positive, encouraging, uplifting words we use towards each other. And the kindness support and confidence they give. And how the littlest gesture of kindness can have that ripple effect and be felt for so much longer than its moment lasts.

Yesterday as I ran around the house catching up on housework miss three thanked me for being great helper. She said I'm doing a great job. And she's proud of me for all my helping. It made me smile to think she'd noticed, and then voiced her kindness. And when I thanked her a beaming 'you're welcome' came back. 

I'm not sure how to raise inspiring confident young women who speak their kindness and dream up projects from their hearts then see them through. But I hope I'm headed in the right direction, and I really hope I do.


{Grateful for kind words, actions that inspire and opportunities to grow and change. Elisa x}

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What are you most grateful for today?


  1. I am so grateful that I found this Blog Post :) And so grateful that I could read this out loud to my 17 yr old and 11 yr old Son :)

  2. today I'm grateful that my little man doesn't have colic and he's peacefully sleeping while I browse on the internet with a cup of tea in my hand xxx simple things that make you happy

  3. This is just so beautiful Elisa to think those girls did such a kind but powerful deed by writing such positive words. I think your girls will grow up to be inspiring and confident with a wonderful role model like you:) xx

  4. You are doing an awesome job of bringing up your daughters! xox

  5. It definitely sounds like you're headed in the right direction! Your Miss 3's words put a smile on my face and I'm not even on the receiving end of her message!

  6. What a wonderful article, its so nice to hear of something positive & inspiring, rather than all the bullying that happens at schools.

    Your Miss 3 sounds so sweet!

    It sounds like you are doing a lovely job with your girls Elisa! xx

  7. Wow, what a beautiful story, I wish I'd gone to school with those girls, or better yet, I wish I'd spread the love and happiness like they have. Thanks for linking up xx

  8. There's no doubt that you're raising your girls in a beautifully positive way Elisa, I think that's obvious.
    I love that these big girls took the initiative to put some good messages out to their school friends. I hope Bella will do something thoughtful like that one day. xx


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