Sunday, 28 July 2013

In the planning

We've been making plans.

Some little {and mostly spontaneous too}: a walk in the forest, a drive down the coast, going somewhere new...

But some are bigger. A holiday for our little family of four. Day trips and weekends away.
We're finding even more places to explore. And instead of our usual thinking {and wondering} about when the time might be right to go there, we're just doing it.

That means mixing up routines a little, and as that happens I'm witnessing the rhythm of our days move from bursts of fast to pockets of slow {and that's okay}.

Time feels full of so much wonder and joy when we make it ours. And for the first time in a long while, it feels like we're getting more time {together} too.


{Grateful for the new discoveries we're sharing and time spent together. We're working our way through our little list quite nicely. I checked in with it yesterday and smiled at all the memories we've made. And of course, after a week of slow and nothing new, this week has been big with lashings of chaos thrown in. Because life can. And because I needed the reminder that things come and go, but gratitude remains steady if I choose it. Elisa x}

~ Joining late with the 52 Weeks of Grateful at here.

What are you most grateful for today? x



  1. Very grateful for all the Bloggers I support, and the love they give to me.
    Also, extremely grateful for a morning of rain and slightly lower temperatures than we have had for about three weeks. Grateful also that Bracken, my cat, has got her own routine in order again after Wednesday's visit to the vets.
    And, especially grateful to read such a lovely blog from my favourite Wordsmith!

  2. There's something special about just doing it... living in the moment, isn't there? I'm thrilled to hear that your family is having such a wonderful time together - quality time - and making such gorgeous memories together as you make your way through the list. X

  3. Slow living, time together...sounds perfect.

  4. I'm trying to plan a visit to my parents' at the moment and it's totally scary. Can I survive the flight with three kids(husband not coming), do I buy a non-refundable fare.... Given that we're thinking of going in September, I think I'll have to start moving on it soon. making time ours.. love it!

  5. Beautiful Elisa. Spontaneity can make all the difference, sometimes we need to kick the routine for a little while.

  6. It is lovely when life allows a bit of spontaneity & adventure- especially more family time & more memories x

  7. I love the idea of your 'list', I think I'll make one two. Thanks for joining in with the gratefuls again x


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