Saturday, 13 July 2013

Perfect timing

The thing about rainbows that gets me is the timing.
The rain and the sunshine and whatever else it takes for it to occur, and fill the sky with beauty for wondrous moments before that rainbow begins to fade.
And when I witness a rainbow the timing strikes me even more.. that in the brief moments of it lasting I got to be present.
We saw a rainbow last week and it was magical, bright and looked oh-so-close. Spanning out over paddocks with a backdrop of the sky and sea. That's it in the picture.
It'd been over a year since we'd spotted one, despite miss three and I always on the lookout the minute the sun and rain begin to meet.
Then the following day we saw another rainbow. And it's reminded me that we can't force timing, rush it or slow timing down. I can't even make myself be in the perfect place at the perfect time... but I can choose to savour moments, celebrate our time, give thanks for it and trust in perfect timing too.
{Grateful for perfect timing, finding and capturing beauty in the everyday and the memories made these past couple weeks with my family too. Elisa x}
~ Linking with the 52 Weeks of Grateful here.
What are you most grateful for today? And when did you last witness a rainbow? x


  1. Beautiful! Lovely light here. Perfect timing indeed!

  2. About three weeks ago I nearly drove off the road trying to hunt down the best possible shot of a gorgeous rainbow, luminous against a black sky. It was PERFECT. With all the car/road kerfuffle I not only didn't get the shot, I didn't get ANY shot. Which is an important reminder that a perfect moment can't be bested. x

  3. Gorgeous photo Elisa! I love to linger when I see them - savour the moment. :)

  4. I love rainbows, my kids are always looking for them when there are sun-showers. And now that you mentioned it, the last rainbow I saw was around this time last year. Well done catching yours!

  5. We always get so excited about rainbows here too Elisa xx

  6. That's such a beautiful photo Elisa, it's so special witnessing one together. We witnessed a full size double rainbow a couple months ago travelling together in the car. It was over a paddock also! It made Popette's day. We had to stop the car to take photo's of it, of course. Whenever it rains and the suns out, she's on the lookout for a rainbow.

  7. Love that photo Elisa, just beautiful. And you're so right, we just have to trust that things will happen when the time is right. x

  8. Rainbows are just magical, I love how they bring out the child in me, and how they delight my little girl. You are so right about timing. We can't rush these things. Thanks for linking up with #52weeksofgrateful x

  9. Hmm, so true. They are so fleeting. I wrote a story recently about rainbows as emblems of something that come and go. Beautiful image. xx


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