Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Stop. And Surrender.

Right when I didn't think my days could get any busier this past week they did.

And with that busyness I displayed some of my least favourite traits of overwhelmed and frustration.

I keep reminding myself to feel it and let it go.

But sometimes it doesn't happen that effortlessly though.

And so I whisper to myself: a little less thinking, a little more surrendering. And: this too shall pass.

Then I step outside. And look up at the sky.

It's shown me all its emotions too this week: stormy, overcast, illuminated by sunset, blue and sunshine filled, cloud scattered and grey.

And it's in that one minute that I step outside, surrender becomes me.

I stop, see, hear, feel. I witness the sky and I witness myself.

Then I give thanks.

It's just a minute. And that minute is my antidote to busy and rushed.


{Yesterday I stopped twice to look to the sky and surrender my thoughts, once at home, the other at the beach. The sky and the waves were mesmerising. This minute of sky watching was my inspiration for this print. It's become a ritual in my days. Elisa x}

How do you slow down and surrender on the busiest of weeks? And do you look to the sky?


  1. Lovely post Elisa! I would love to be able to look out at the waves or be on the beach, but for me I look out my window and see the trees and the sky. I am trying to give up on the less important things, and take in the time with my girls more slowly. xx

  2. The sky and I are best friends, I look at it often, and have the photographs to prove it :) There is something so healing about the sky for me, maybe it is the vastness or maybe the fact that it changes with every breath as the clouds shift and move..not sure, but I will keep looking.

  3. You're a clever lady, Elisa. x

  4. Beautiful post, Elisa!! I could definitely do with a little less thinking and a little more surrendering x


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx