Friday, 13 September 2013

Five senses {with heart & gratitude}

A week away from home {just the four of us} came at the perfect time.
This past week I've been so much more aware of my thoughts, time, body, emotions and my senses. Omitting work, relaxing all routines and forgetting your mobile phone charger will help you do that rather well.
In this week of just us, I took the time to note down my senses - those that resonated with my heart.

My girls playing together - already the best of friends.
Amazing changes in the almost-night sky.
Looking back at the past year - and how beautifully we have all grown.
My littlest girl selecting the tiniest of daisies {her favourite flowers} to share with me.

Laughter from my three loves: it's the sound of wonder, family and memories being made.
The wind rushing through the trees {and hearing not much else} as we walked together in the early mornings.
New words from little miss two-in-four-days {and my favourite of her words - "love vuuuu".}

The little hand holding mine on early morning walks.
Kissing scraped knees better and getting cuddles in return.
Lying my head on my husband's chest at the end of the day {and giving thanks for the life we have created}.

Soy chai lattes.
Omelets packed with baby spinach, red capsicum and garlic.
Lemon {on almost everything it will go on}.

Rain in the air.
Vanilla-scented candles.
Tea {this week: lemon, peppermint and chai}.


What has your heart sensed this week? And what are you most grateful for today?
This week I've found it's in my mindful moments and quiet refection that gratitude {and inspiration} has spoken loudest. Elisa x

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  1. Sounds like a lovely week away. And your list is just beautiful.

  2. Your week away sounds just perfect!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful week. With 3 boisterous boys mine probably wouldn't be that peaceful - lol.

  4. This brings me right back to our {now not so recent} impromptu family getaway. I hope you are feeling as refreshed and at peace as I did on my return. Thanks for taking me back there, even momentarily. X

  5. What a lovely way to share your gratitude :) So many beautiful moments x

  6. I love the idea of recording a day a week like this - fabulous!

  7. Love this format Elisa, sounds like you had a beautiful time.


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