Friday, 11 October 2013

Beauty, gratitude and the everyday



1. The sky first thing in the morning: Missing yesterday's sunshine, but loving the new tree leaves.
2. Sharing my bed ♡
3. Lemons: I go through at least one a day. Lucky we bought a second lemon tree...  
4. Finally added some girly colour to the sea of black that is my wardrobe.
5. Grounding: Stepping barefoot on to the grass for a minute to reconnect. 
6. Her favourite thing to do, my least favourite thing to clean up. Water containment lines (waterproof art smock + towels everywhere) worked a treat.
7. Sophie the giraffe - She comes everywhere with us, and is lost {then found} just about everywhere too.

8. I adore drawings by my big girl just as much as I love watching her draw ♡  

9. Admiring pink roses.
10. Words of inspiration sitting by my bed.

These images were my Ten on Ten :: an image taken every hour or so on the tenth of the month. A way of finding and capturing life and beauty in the ordinary things in our everyday. {Excuse the fact that I'm a day late in posting these...}
I've done this project once before, and what I love about it most is it encourages me to slow down further, to move mindfully and notice the seemingly ordinary moments which make my day and that I love.

With each moment and photograph comes a reminder of gratitude - for what I {we} have, for what I {we} have created, for what is possible, for what can be.


~ Joining this month's Ten on Ten project, and the 52 Weeks of Grateful x


  1. Love this, as always! The photos are so eloquent, too.

  2. love these! especially the first one, the grass, and the lemon! great set!

  3. It feels so wonderful to be able to find beauty in the smallest things. Blessings abound around us. We just have to look more closely.

    I like the idea of Ten on Ten :). I just might do one as well :)

  4. Just lovely. So much beauty in the ordinary if you take the time to notice x

  5. love these picture. what all do you use your lemons for?


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx