Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Just the two of us

We've made a ritual of our little walks hand in hand {miss almost-four and I}.

When we walk together I love that it's just the two of us, up in the early morning, exploring the quiet sounds of close by, taking in the sky and breathing into the cool air.

And while we walk, I always remember how precious and fleeting these moments are of just the two of us together.

Miss almost-four is strong-willed, independent, curious and a chatterbox {otherwise described as a lot like her mum}... and so our walks are either filled with quiet exploration or brimming with noisy discussion.

But often, her pointing out treasures for me to photograph.

As we walk, I try so much to take her in. As she is now. Every bit of my three-year-old, almost-four beautiful little girl. I focus on the gentleness and beauty of her hand in mine. And I wince a little when sometimes she tells me to let go.


{Image above by me. Sometimes I try really hard to capture a certain shot and that's always when my little miss comes dancing into the frame. I love this photo because of that. Elisa x} 


  1. These are the memories worth savouring. And they sound - and are - perfection. Beautiful. X

  2. Beautiful...your words and that shot :)

  3. SUCH a pretty photo. So beautiful to see you soaking it all up. x

  4. Gorgeous words. Beautiful image! That moment with your daughter sounds familiar... xx

  5. Gorgeous words and image. I'm feeling the love x

  6. What a lovely ritual. Just beautiful!

  7. oh those little legs and gumboots just melt me. I too love those quiet walks and one on one chats with my boys xx

  8. This photo is a gem
    And I know that wince only too well


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