Thursday, 17 October 2013

When one door closes...

The past four years have been full of doors closing, doors opening and me spending a while searching for said doors.

This past month I saw two doors open, and one close just as quickly as it opened.

It threw me a bit. Until I remembered the time I spent wondering and waiting for open doors last year.

That's when I deciding on letting it go. Choosing surrender. And trust.

I've learnt that time won't move any faster no matter how much I push.

I've learnt to trust in my abilities and to believe in opportunities. And to remind myself of that when self-doubt creeps in.   

I've learnt to take a step in the direction of making my own dreams come true. 

And I've learnt to trust that when one door closes another will eventually open. At the perfect time.


Do you believe when one door closes another opens?


  1. Hi Elisa, In answer to your question, not really, but wish I did. In December, it'll be 5 years since I worked. I'm so unsure of what to do with myself and whether I'll be able to do the same thing as I did before. I love to try something new but have a fear of failing. I guess I need to learn to let go like yourself :) Hope everything works out for you xx

  2. Yes I do absolutely believe that Elisa, sometimes I think that I'm too busy looking at the closed door with either sadness or relief to notice the open door. Or sometimes fear stops me from going through that open door & sometimes the door is only open a crack & I need to give it a good shove to open it. Whatever the reason though I think it requires faith, trust & belief to move through that door even when it's exactly what we dreamed of.
    Cheers Kate

  3. I believe we may be living parallel lives!
    I seriously need to reconnect to that place that believes in my ability and that opportunities abound. That my be next weeks affirmation :)

  4. I think doors are opening & closing all the time- that's life- & i think an attitude like yours helps to build resilience & perserverence & patience. Who knows what's ahead?

  5. I 100% believe it - usually the reason why the door closed presents itself in the future - the right for me thing needed to come along. in the moment we can't always understand but the evidence has been overwhelming in the last 20 years so i started to trust "everything happens for a reason"

  6. Hi Elisa. I recognize myself in your words. My gut feeling has always been important to me when I make my choices and I always try to follow my heart. It has often required a lot of courage, but I was able to see that I have been honest with myself.
    That a new door opens when another closes is a way to see opportunities instead of adversities which I think is the basis for being able to live in the moment and to see the the beauty of that moment is right now.
    / Maria

  7. Honestly, I think doors are opening and closing all the time and the question really is do we notice them. Sometimes a door opens but we are not in a place to receive what is opening to us, so it closes. We most likely didn't notice it at all. But if that door opens and we are ready to receive what it is offering, we see it and open ourselves to the possibility. And the same goes with doors closing, we notice some and others not so much, it depends on how important those opportunities were to us at that particular moment.

  8. Absolutely! I believe that the right doors open & close for us at the right times - regardless of how I see things at the time, at how painful those closures may even be, with some time I gain perspective to see how things always work out as they should.


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx