Wednesday, 27 November 2013


When I woke yesterday one word was on my mind... choose.

Choose your day.
Choose how you spend your time.
Choose your emotions.
Choose your words.
Choose your destination.
Choose to breathe.

Choose to see love.
Choose to be love.
Choose to write.
Choose to read.
Choose to share.

Choose to sit in silence.
Choose to dance.
Choose to witness this very moment.

Choose calm.

All in a choice.
One I have.

One I choose to give thanks for.


{Yesterday I chose play over work, I chose peppermint tea and splashing in the water at the beach with my girls. I chose to look to the sky with wonder in my eyes. I chose to ask for help, and to give thanks for it. I chose to meditate, to journal and to practise yoga. I chose to turn my phone on silent. Today I will choose to remind myself to breathe. And to just be. Elisa x}

What do you choose?


  1. Beautiful!

    I remind myself each and every day that I have a choice, in everything, I have a choice. And how my days turns out depends on what I choose :)

  2. I love this!

    This has been on my mind so much lately.

    Thank you for your beautiful words Elisa. Much love xxoo

  3. So true we are lucky that we have so many glorious choices. I choose to go with the flow.

  4. Right now I'm focussing on choosing to be calm, to keep my cool and smile and laugh more. It's a lot easier than it sounds!


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx