Thursday, 7 November 2013

Growing {through motherhood}

I wrote this post for Josie's blog, but it felt like it very much needed to be here too...
Motherhood is more than I imagined it would be. In almost every way. More love. More beauty. More challenges. And even more pulling me in the direction of my heart.
But it's the growing that amazes me the most. That I grew my girls. And how they grow themselves. And more so how that love we share expands and increases and heightens and grows with every experience we share.

I've been in awe and wonder {and exhaustion too} at how motherhood has encouraged and nurtured me to grow and heal. Each day. Little by little. I find myself checking in with my heart, making changes, adjusting priorities and learning continually as I go.
Motherhood has encouraged me to ask the question: what makes my heart sing? To listen to the answer. And then act on it.
And in doing this, motherhood inspires me each day to grow further into the me I want to be. As my girls grow, I grow.
Each day as a mother I am given little reminders to savour moments, to allow myself to dream and to slow down even further. To pause and reflect amid days of chaos. To pause and give thanks often.

Motherhood reminds me in its fleeting heart-filled moments that I am blessed.

And as I read back on these words this morning, I realised I needed this post more than ever today. Sometimes that growing is filled with challenges, but I find {and needed the reminder} that it always comes with an opportunity to heal, evolve and learn something new. Elisa xx

Has motherhood taught you more about yourself? Do you feel you're constantly growing and learning too? x


  1. Yes, so much more about myself. And yes, still learning and growing on this journey. I think that is what I really enjoy about it though, the constant growth.

  2. You pretty much summed up my thought yet again xxxx

  3. Gorgeous post. And photo as well. Such happiness and love between mother and daughter.

  4. The growing is amazing isn't it? My 3 boys (teenagers 19,17,14) are men-all bigger than me now, I really love watching them grow and seeing the people that they are becoming. So special to be a part of our children's lives.


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