Saturday, 9 November 2013


The rain began overnight and continued on and off throughout the day, and I couldn’t help but miss the sunshine that had graced our recent days.

I lamented on plans that had to be changed, and things that couldn’t now be done.
When the weather finally calmed I stepped outside to collect the mail, but raindrops began to fall once more.

This time I paused in my thoughts, I felt the raindrops, noticed where they landed and chose to bask in them as I do the sunshine.
Later I stopped to look to the sky - grey in places and cloudy all over - and I chose to see wonder and a reflection of our ability to change.
As I drove to my parents’ house, I noticed tiny raindrops landing on my windscreen. One by one, until they met each other and slid down the glass.

And it reminded me of the little steps I can take to make changes. Little steps that can seem insignificant on their own, but really they are filled with hope and change, and when they come together they have the ability to create an amazing sense of new - renewed possibilities, awareness, wonder.


{Images by me – my first time photographing raindrops. So much beauty found in the last place I would have thought to search. Elisa x}

{Gratitude this week for beauty in the ordinary; the ability to change, heal and start again; and for friends who listen with their eyes, ears and hearts and then tell me with love what they’ve heard. Thank you xx}


  1. It's the little things, isn't it. Little, yet oh so big. X

  2. Beautiful raindrops and beautiful words!

  3. I really like your reflections!

  4. The reflections in the first raindrop are so beautiful. Seeing the magic and wonder in the every day is so special. I love the sound of the rain at night, and then going out first thing in the morning to see the rain caught on flowers and leaves.

  5. Great shots Elisa and even better words. There is inspiration all around. Thank You !


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