Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The only way to give the best of me to those I love

I keep coming back to this Paolo Coelho quote: "Life has many ways of testing a person's will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.”

It’s been my past month, and I’ve stressed my way through it.

Silly because I know better, because I have plenty of strategies
to counteract that stress/anxiety cycle, and silly because I know that my body doesn’t one bit like the rushing I’ve made it endure.

It took a late-night conversation two nights ago to remind me of what I already know to be true. And to remind me of my body’s wisdom and my ability to heal, grow and evolve.

Today I sat in meditation – and I felt all the parts of me that have been scrambling around these past weeks float back to where they belong.

Those moments of meditation were filled with the noise of two busy and beautiful little girls singing and dancing and throwing a tea party for themselves, but as I breathed fully, as I exhaled, and I tuned into the core of me, for the first time in too long I reconnected with the presence, energy and stillness that resides within me.

Tonight I will give thanks, and tomorrow I will meditate again. And I remind myself that choosing to nurture my body and soul is the only way to give the best of me to those I love.
Do you make nurture a priority each day? And what is nuture for you? I'd love to know x


  1. I so badly need to do this right now for myself and my family. Thank you for the reminder and idea on how to find my inner peace that currently feels a little noisy. Enjoy x

    1. It's a reminder I have to give myself too Sarah :) Hope you can make some time for self-nurture. It makes a world of difference xx

  2. Oh yes, so very important. Nurture for me is time in nature. If I can find time to connect with the earth, even for just a few minutes a day I am good. It is a mediation of sorts, I guess :)

  3. I have become very vocal about getting some quiet time for myself - I find nurturing in the quiet, when I write, when I daydream as I look up at the sky or out my window.

  4. beautiful hon - so glad you are taking this time for yourself. I nurture myself daily but i still find days where I am rushing around too much and letting my mind get crazy. thanks for the reminder - i seem to be getting a lot this week with the theme of slowing down and meditating. I am trying to get back to walking meditation when i walk the dogs - i connect with all the sounds around me, the breeze on my skin and the beauty of nature

  5. what a beautiful post. i think it's so easy to whisk through each day and not be really present in the moment. WE all need to take stock and reflect. i would love to try meditation and reap the benefits of giving my mind and body that time. xx

  6. Nurture for me is sitting quietly just breathing in nature. Or pausing for a minute to remind myself how wonderful life is. Nurture is especially just being with my family, with nowhere to be and nothing special to do. x

  7. Well done you on stopping and looking after you. It really is the most important thing us mothers can do. Sending you some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

  8. Nurture is different depending on the day. Somedays it's quite meditation by the beach, other times it's non-stop chatting with a friend over a cup of tea. Today was painting. I was exhausted by mid-afternoon and the only way to keep the day going was to do some play myself - I picked up a canvas and painted. Felt so much better - even if the boys were at my elbows! x


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx