Friday, 22 November 2013

Today {by the sea}

As I drove home this morning miss four called out for me to stop, "Over there, Mummy! Let's see it."

The beach.

We were driving past the lookout, a place I stop often to watch the sky, to reconnect and just be with my two little girls in tow.

Today the sun was shining bright on the turquoise green sea with soft waves crashing in, the sky a bright blue with just a few scattered clouds.

And as I parked the car I saw miss four already had her camera {her recent fourth birthday gift} ready to go.

"Just a few photos for my collection please."

And so we sat by the car admiring the colours and capturing photos. And giving thanks that we can take in this beauty and wonder just about any time we want.


{Gratitude for where we live, for a week where I have learnt and healed, and for my gorgeous photo-taking miss four and her little sister - who make me laugh every day. Elisa x}

What are you most grateful for today? x


  1. I love this! And my little man got the same camera, in red, for his fourth birthday last year :) I am always so amazed at the images little ones capture.

    This looks like a lovely spot.

  2. Gorgeous gratefuls
    Great pink camera too

  3. Gorgeous, I recently said the same thing I would get mr 3 a a camera for his fourth birthday. Now you are making me want to reconnect with a place I love so much the beach.

  4. Grateful for 29 new Likers of Kop's Kattery overnight - we went from 30 to 59 in just under 12 hours!!! Still flabbergasted!!!

  5. I too am grateful for the beach! And cuddles- man alive miss three was handing them out today. Blessed. X

  6. This is a lovely grateful post :) I'd love to live near the beach one day, it must be so re-energising to walk in the sand and look out at that beautiful water everyday. I'm glad Miss 4 loves her camera, my 4.5 (nearly 5) enjoys taking photos too! xx


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx