Thursday, 5 December 2013

Redefining slow

Two months ago I poured my heart out into a piece of writing on finding slow, now part of the ebook, Heart Centred Living. I wrote about my journey of sorts to slowing down, finding mindfulness and reconnecting with my heart.
I hoped my words would capture and share slow as it is for me - the rhythm that I know my heart and body move to best.

Yesterday I read back my words, and I got thinking about my current days, my gratitude practice, the rituals I follow ....
And that slowing down is a rhythm I continue to redefine and relearn as I grow, and find new ways of expressing mindfulness, heart and creativity in my days.
{An excerpt from my piece: Finding Slow. Or the Rhythm of my Heart}
In slow, I have learnt to just be. To sit in silence. To meditate.  To allow myself to surrender. Even if it’s for just one minute each day.
In slow, I have learnt trust. I will get there in the end.
In slow, I have learnt to listen to my heart as well as my head.
In slow, I have learnt to listen to my body – and discovered all the aspects of health that resonate with me.
In slow, I have learnt that healing is possible. And that it’s never too late for change.
In slow, I have learnt that your slow is different to mine. And it’s about honouring ourselves, as much as each other.
In slow, I have learnt that I can always move slower. And that I can in fact handle doses of fast; before returning to the slow that is the rhythm of my heart.

~ You can download the free ebook Heart Centred Living {edited by Deb @ Home Life Simplified} here, featuring 18 writers all sharing from their hearts. Elisa x


  1. Thanks for sharing Elisa, beautiful post! I'm heading over to get that ebook, sounds great and i could certainly do with some more 'slow' and simplifying in my life. I have started by simply trying to put away all my digital devices in the day and soak up long fun days with my kids and go exploring new places in our beautiful city. It's a big wake up call about how much i jump on my computer / phone and miss the special times. x

  2. Such beautiful words. I have the book already but not got a chance to read it yet. I will be making time very soon though. Thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you for reminding me of my own heart beats. Listening to them and slowing down.

  4. Beautiful. I too have the e-book & am looking forward to reading your piece. I consciously slowed this weekend for once, and found a bit more peace, enjoyed a few more simple pleasures with my girls and husband. It felt lovely.

  5. Really Very beautiful. Something I think we need to keep reading and reading. The big one for me is reminding myself that I will get there in the end and to trust.Thank you for sharing

  6. IT'S FREE?!!??? this makes me so happy! i was just reading this post thinking, hm, wish i had money to buy this book right now. and this just made my day!


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