Monday, 23 December 2013

Reset and restore

I've struggled this past week. My rhythm has been less restorative than I hoped, sickness struck and then exhaustion set in one too many times.

After talking it through, and letting go of the swirling that was my head, a fragment of clarity presented.

And I made a decision. A simple, small choice. Yet a deeply nurturing one to reset my days and restore my rhythm, and replenish my heart.

We drove to the water, as we so often do, but to a spot we rarely visit to watch the water in its natural rhythm, to capture it in photo and for me to witness my internal rhythm and let it recalibrate to slow.

My heart, body and mind are thanking me for this little exercise. Because today feels refreshed, new and so much like a holiday.


{I hope holiday mode has well and truly set in for you... Elisa xx}


  1. Isn't water so refreshing and healing? So pleased I found this lovely space of yours. Merry Christmas.
    x Katrina

  2. I hope the water stays with you and sustains you through this craaaaaazy time of year, Elisa. Thanks for all the good "talks" this year - I find your writing deep within me every time I read. x

  3. I hope this feeling stays with you through the holidays.

    Water is always restorative for me.

  4. Sounds lovely Elisa, I hope you have a relaxing Christmas and get to enjoy some of those slow moments :) xx

  5. Last Tuesday, I went to the seaside - excuse was I had to post a parcel and it was easier to access a Post Office there! I hadn't been there for many, many moons, so glad to get my batteries recharged, which I needed for this time of year. As usual your words are sweet and succinct!

  6. Merry Christmas, Elisa, wishing you wonderful holidays! I hope you're feeling a lot better!

  7. So glad you found your refresh by the water - I love it too, but am far far away now. I now find similar (never the same, but similar) peace through walking by the creek, under a gum tree canopy.


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx