Saturday, 4 January 2014

By The Sea ~ 1/52

This first week of January is not at all how I envisioned it. The plan was to laze away hot summer mornings at the beach with my two girls, picnic lunches, afternoon siestas and then cleaning up the trail of sand that always makes its way home with us...

But instead it's been crashing waves and overcast days. And still I feel called to the sea.

Today as I watched the waves pelt the sand I got been thinking about my guiding word - honour - and simple ways I could make it more part of my moments, minutes, days and weeks.

And then I realised I was already doing it. Sitting by the water, witnessing its rhythm {and my internal rhythm}. Taking time out here to just breathe, to honour where I'm at.

I'm always mesmerised by the water's view - no matter the sea's temperament. So here begins a photo a week savouring the rhythm of the sea.



  1. Beautiful, your words and your photo. I too find peace by the water, so calming.

  2. Beautiful words and beautiful image. Just lovely x

  3. love the sound of the sea, especially with the crashing waves. It's lovely that you can see that you are already living by your word for the year!

  4. The water does have such a calming effect, the rhythmic nature of it quite mesmerising. Such a beautiful photo. xx


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