Thursday, 2 January 2014

One word: Honour

I stewed over my guiding word for 2014. At first I thought it would be intention. But out of nowhere, and then appearing seemingly everywhere, came the word honour.

And then I realised to honour {my heart, my body, my emotions, my creativity, my soul} was my intention.

I want a year that's filled with more slow, more savouring and more leading from my heart. More finding the rhythm of nurture that works best for me, making that my days, and moving with intention from there. Which really is more of this year, minus the moments where I came a little unstuck...  

But honour tells me it was in those moments I learnt my greatest lessons, and walked away a stronger version of me.

Honour is where I want to lead from {a sense of honouring what's right at any given time for me}, follow from {honouring my heart's direction} and from where I will connect with all the parts of a happy and whole me {honouring my body, heart and mind with my choices, activities and time}.

My word is most definitely inspired by my reading of the book, The Way of the Happy Woman. Every word of Sara's resonates with me.

But it also stems from a lesson I know well. Honour {and witness} are a big part of the yoga I practise. Perhaps even the part of yoga I am called to the most right now. In my weekly classes, our teacher reminds us to honour our bodies, and honour where we're at and what we can do on this given day - remembering that our limits {needs, flexibility/balance, emotions, desires} change from day to day.

And so as I move through a sequence and after, I honour and witness my body, thoughts and emotions. And with that comes acceptance, sometimes insight, always presence. But first comes honour.

So this honouring - keeping it as my guide in all I set out to do and achieve - it feels most right for me now. And it feels as though I chose it as much as it chose me.


~ Sharing my one word with Maxabella Loves here xx

Have you chosen one word to guide your 2014? x


  1. A great word for the year Elisa! And, as always, I love what you have written. May your days be happy and healthy ones. xxoo

  2. Love it! My guiding word for the year is PLAY :) More about it on my blog tomorrow.

  3. Great post Elisa xx

    My guiding word this year is savor...while my kids are little I need to remember to savor the special moments in their lives like Popette starting big school, time at home with Cherub, and the outings we have as a family :) xx

  4. Love it hn and thanks for haring that book, I had never heard of Sara. Happy new year xxx

  5. Such a lovely word for your year. I hope it's a wonderful one for you x

  6. There is something powerful and beautiful about that word Honour. It makes me feel proud and calm for some reason. I think without honour we do not have respect and respect is what makes us honour all that we have. I just want to stay in the moment and also gain my strength from nature for 2014. Wishing you well for the New Year Elisa!

  7. Absolutely beautiful, Elisa. And what a wonderful guiding word for 2014. Happy New Year!
    Jo @ BabbleOn City blog xx

  8. Honour is such a beautiful all encompassing word. So focused on doing what is best for you on all levels, on looking, nurturing and healing.
    I hope that your year is magical gorgeous xx

  9. Beautiful. It very much reminds me of what's behind my word (was wasn't coming, then suddenly came!) Trust. Have a wonderful year xo

  10. Good luck with that, lovely challenge. I think happiness does stem from honouring who we truly are.

  11. You just have a way of infecting me, Elisa. To read a word like 'honour' and know how much it suits you - you're gold. x

  12. Honour is such a beautiful word to live by for 2014, I hope this year is everything you hope it to be!
    My 2014 word is motivate ....

  13. That is a great word! Reminds me of the one I chose last year, whole.


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