Monday, 17 February 2014

By the sea ~ 7/52

I always remember my mum surprising us on drives home and stopping the car at a random park she knew was on the way.
We'd always ask: "Why are we stopping? Mum, where are we?"
Always surprised. Even though she did it quite often.
Then off we'd go to play and explore.
I loved the spontaneity of it. And the sense of adventure too.

I swore to myself a long time ago I would be spontaneous just like that for my girls.
We'd already visited the beach once this week to watch the waves, but this time was out of the ordinary, a last-minute split-second decision while I was preparing dinner.
Dinner could wait I decided, then grabbed a towel, my camera and two changes of dresses for my little princesses.

I sat on the sand and watched them - squeals of excitement as they ran in the water, splashed each other and gathered a collection of shells to display on the sand.
And it felt good to let go of routine and shoulds and musts, to slow and to stop, to watch my girls just be.


Are you spontaneous? The more I let go and savour moments, I feel like spontaneity is something I'm learning to love xx


  1. Sometimes - and the kids always love it - and I do too
    Good reminder

  2. how lovely! beautiful shot in B&W too. x

  3. it's very hard to be spontaneous with a baby but I am doing my best :) Laura and Thomas

    1. So hard!! I certainly wasn't when the girls were younger! Only finding my spontaneity now :) xx

  4. i have lost a lot of the spontaneity in my life (i feel like a killjoy sometimes) but am trying to bring it back some. love that you can just head to the beach (i think that is one i would do all the time if we were closer) - beautiful as always elisa xx

  5. Its so sad that life has robbed my spontaneous spirit. I will definitely try harder.
    Great photo!

  6. Yes...I think we are. We have our routines, but when we can we embrace sponteneity. Beautiful photo. Sorry I haven't been here for a while. I have been meaning to! xx

  7. I love this shot. I try and do the same with my girls. Routine is necessary but spontaneity is beautiful.


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx