Monday, 3 February 2014

Daisy chains & I spy

The summer holidays have come to an end yet that relaxed, time-is-ours feeling is still lingering.

I'll do anything to keep it going, although the four-year-old pre-school routine might do a good job at squashing that in the coming weeks...

The plan? To carve out parts of our every week {and moments of our days} where simplicity is our only practice.

The past week there's been a whole lot of making daisy chains, pushing swings, building blocks, dipping out feet in the sea and games of "I spy" on car trips.

And in those little moments with my girls it feels as though I see clearer, truly listen, my heart expands and time lasts that bit longer.... here's to creating more of that.


Any ideas for keeping that holiday feeling an everyday one? x


  1. Instead of daisy chains, we daisy pick. And "I spy"? That happens here too. Although, with Miss Two, it can be hard to follow... but a fun ride nonetheless! X

  2. Oh, I love daisy chains! I never quite got the hang of them when I was a kid. Maybe I can master them yet.

  3. Sounds like a good plan, enjoy!

  4. Sounds like fun! We have played i-spy, but prefer to play "Spotto" whenever we are in the car :) Now that Popette is at 'big school' I feel the need to put a routine for Cherub, and for when Popette comes home so they are not sitting in front of the TV too much :)

  5. Daisy chains? Oh, gosh, that has me going back over 50 years!! They were tricky, but cute.


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