Friday, 14 February 2014

Sunset & spontaneity


It amazes me how I can miss sunset so often. Somehow cooking dinner, bath time and cleaning up mean I forget about the whole sun going down thing until it's dark almost every night.

Last week after a picnic dinner in the park we drove home to sunset. And while helping miss four get ready for bed, I kept thinking about how I really wanted to be outside and witnessing those brilliant orange, yellow and peach shades playing out alongside the darkening sky.

Then spontaneity took over, and the two of us abandoned teeth brushing for a walk towards the departing sun...


When was the last time you witnessed sunset? x


  1. Beautiful pics Elisa! I honestly can't remember the last time I witnessed the sunset. Like you I get caught up with the evening rituals and miss the beautiful pinks, purples, orange and blue that streak across our sky. :) xx

  2. Simple and perfect! Beautiful photos.

  3. Beautiful. Dear sunset, it's been too long. X

  4. The sunsets were spectacular here at the end of the summer, literally can't wait for them to come around again!


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