Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Alone ~ 10/52

We escaped routine for the weekend and headed here. Forty-eight hours or more of just us. And not a thought about work. It was refreshing, filled with brilliant sunshine, and time to just be. Before we left I decided on waking up a little earlier each morning to go for a walk alone. That sounded like perfection and bliss to me... but both mornings my little ones were up early and eager to join. But later in the day, thirty minutes of solo time came my way. Along the beach I walked, alone with my thoughts to take in big fresh breaths and watch the water's rhythm play out behind these wild irises. A good reminder to prioritise {and trust there will be} time to honour and restore me.  


{More photos from our weekend here}

Do you seek time alone to just be too?


  1. Solo time. Le sigh. Bliss... X

  2. Always lovely to have some time alone

  3. Yes, absolutely, I've been lucky enough to get some time to myself, too this week. =


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