Sunday, 16 March 2014

Choosing what to see ~ 11/52

Stealing glimpses of the water through tree branches reminds me so much that every day I get to choose what I see and how I see it, and that there's so much I don't see and don't know.

And I think that's okay, as long as I acknowledge there's always something missing from the picture {more to be seen}. 



  1. A lovely sight, and it makes me want to see the sea today but there are too many obstacles at present! xox

  2. I like everything I see in this shot! Xx

  3. I used to live in an apartment advertised as 'with waterviews'. The waterviews were far more distant than the ones in your shot... but they were there ;) Loving the metaphor!

  4. Elisa!! I've just discovered your blog - and what a beautiful, serene place to find! I'm looking forward to spending more time here and, hopefully, finding some of your inner stillness. Hope you're well, Penny x

    1. Thank you! Glad you like it here :) I share a big part of my heart here xx


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