Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hello fear

And here we go again... right when I thought I had faced so much fear head-on already this year, and surfaced relatively unscathed, stronger for sure, with new learnings, new insight, a lighter mind and brighter outlook... there it was again. 

Fear. Consuming me with what could be. Not what was. Not what is. But what could be. Which most certainly would never be. But...

I've decided in a moment of fear it feels there's no easy way to short-circuit that fear cycle, but there always is.... and it certainly becomes easier as preconceived ideas are broken down and coping strategies learnt in the process.

This time I tackled fear with these thoughts: Just breathe. Take one step at a time. Be in the now.

And the thing is, there's no fear in my right now. Not one bit. And fearing what could be... well, when I put it like that, it does seems kind of futile.

So here's to making plans but not forcing time, to living moments as they present, to remembering to breathe when unsettling emotions strike, and to knowing that dealing with them will only make you stronger.


How do you deal with fear? Has fear {or facing fears} been on your mind?


  1. I'm a bit of coward when it comes to fear, especially being confronted by someone. I would try to avoid speaking with that person. I don't think all fear is bad. It sometimes comes with excitement, i.e. like the fear of having a baby and the unknown, or fear of a new career path - it might be a little scary to start off with. So I think a little fear is good. xx

  2. Oh hon I am right with you. Been consumed by fear, overwhelm and pressure fr two weeks now. Hubby talked me off the ledge this week and sad to focus on now and not where I want o be later on.

  3. Also what works for me is those deep breaths, making lists and trying to be kind and gentle with myself xx

  4. I think one step at a time is very wise Elisa. I am learning to recognise fear for what it really is, and I try not to give attention or power to it because I know it can be paralysing and deters me from hearing the truth, which is always loving, supportive, positive and gentle.


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx