Monday, 3 March 2014

Lessons, and letting go ~ 9/52

We picked daisies and I thought about joy. I watched miss two closely. Just the act of being able to pull a daisy out of the ground saw her face light up in the biggest smile.

The flowers came with us to pick-up miss four from pre-school, and it was only then I decided that it was a fitting week to let them go by the sea.

Letting go had been my lesson this past week. I think I relearned it three times. And I think it's one I'll relearn again at a later stage too. Each time a different situation, each time a different emotion - from overwhelm to grief to relief at the letting go.

Miss four lined up the flowers for me. I took the photos, unsure whether I should focus on what was in front of me {the daisies but also this very moment, and my emotions} or focus ahead on what will pass and what could be {out to the sea, how much better I hoped I'd feel by the week's end, happier times}.

As we got ready to throw the daisies out to sea, a gust of wind took all but one. And it took me by surprise but at the same time seemed a little fitting that the letting go happened all on it's own, before we were ready.

I let the last daisy fall gently to the water and sat to watch it float away. And miss four took control of the camera, pointing out to me that there was so much more than my drifting flower to see.


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  1. beautiful colours, lovely peaceful photos. x

  2. Your writing is so poetic Elisa

  3. So beautiful - and heartening! Miss Four is proving to be following in her Mother's footsteps with the camera!!! xox

  4. Ahh this is beautiful! I love the glee on my daughter's face when she picks a daisy too. I love the images and the words and thoughts that accompany them.

  5. Wow! You have an amazing way with words Elisa. xxoo

  6. Always such a beautiful way with words you have. Letting go is a lesson I need to learn too I think I need to realise that in the moment more rather than resist all the time. Thank you for sharing this with us. xx

  7. Beautiful post Elisa. And such beautiful images. Letting go is one of the most beneficial lessons I learned through parenting. xx


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