Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ten on Ten {finding beauty in the ordinary}

Ten on ten :: one photo an hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth day of the month. A way of finding and capturing life and beauty in the ordinary things in our everyday.




1. Up to watch the sun rise three mornings in a row so far... thanks to an early-to-rise little miss four.
2. "Let's follow the flags, Mama! It's like an adventure..."
3. And all the way to the beach we walked. Miss four amazed by the way the sun could sparkle on top of the water. 

4. Captivated by the colour.
5. Succulents are a favourite.
6. Sparkly shoes {and then scraped knees} for our little miss two.
7. Watching the colour of the sky and the colour of the sea, matching in places.
8. Tiny raindrops. But then no more.
9. Miss four's been making a whole lot of wishes this month.
10. A dramatic night sky to cap off a restful weekend.

Photos taken on the tenth, posted here a day late... choosing to trust in perfect timing, and joining the ten on ten photo project with Rebekah here.



  1. Lovely photos, Elisa! Loved the flags and the Elastoplast!

  2. Great set of photos. Love the bandaid knees.

  3. There is so much beauty to be found! These photos are really beautiful x

  4. These are great ...love all the nature you have captured.....and cute little grazed knees. Xxx


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