Friday, 25 April 2014

Déjà vu

It's been quiet here. Which usually means I've been over-thinking, journalling and taking a little extra time to just be... 

Twice I sat by the water alone these past two weeks. And the first time I felt the same freedom, anticipation and sense of possibility that I'd felt once before but far far from here. 

Much of the scene was the same - crashing waves and a deserted beach. Just me, my heart and my thoughts. And this time my camera. And despite the rolling in of the waves and the hum of the wind, I could feel the silence and hear my heart whispering to me.

...Change is here, now if you want it. Dream! Take a step forward, and then step back again if you need to. But do move! And love those tiny moments that propel you forward, don't just save all that loving for the final destination...

I kept thinking of the joy in beginning something new that can subdued by fear of what beginning could mean, could entail, could create... I kept thinking how ruling that fear can be. And I kept thinking that was just a thought, and a thought can be changed...

By the sea here I was so very aware that I was alone yet not lonely.
It was only as I walked away from the water that I noticed that small pile of sand nestled on the wooden post - yet to be blown away, yet to journey back to the sea. And it suddenly dawned on me that someone else had been here moments before me. And I hoped they saw what I saw, and felt even a little of what I felt. That now is the time. And I really am free to be me.


~ Adding to my reflections by the sea: images 16/52 and 17/52.


  1. You always write such beautiful words Elisa. Thank you! xxoo

  2. Like you, I feel a connection with the great outdoors. The space is vast, but despite only my presence I am not alone. I find it quite comforting to be able to breathe in solitude without feeling the emptiness of flying solo. X

  3. I love how calming your writing is
    The thought of loving the little steps taking you to a destination is so powerful, so true

  4. The bubbling of possibility is a wonderful feeling indeed. x

  5. Love your photos Elisa. I have a strong connection to the beach and the ocean as well. I always feel calm when I'm there.

  6. oh just so gorgeous Elisa! I think taking time out to reflect on the past and dream of the future is so so important, and also just being in the moment! stunning images and beautiful words xx

  7. Such beautiful words and images, as always. You've taken me away from myself for a moment, thank you x

  8. Your words are always so lovely Elisa :)
    At the moment I think I could really do with some time by the sea, alone, to ponder my thoughts.

  9. "It's been quiet here. Which usually means I've been over-thinking, journalling and taking a little extra time to just be... "
    Oh you just described where I am right now... except for the journalling bit because although I would love to journal, I suck at it lol :) xx

  10. Beautiful elisa. One of the best things about our trip was my time spent walking at the beaches - the sounds and rhythm and air that I needed to seep into my soul. Been thinking if you my kindred... Xx


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