Monday, 14 April 2014

Inhale, exhale ~ 15/52

It's been pre-winter colds in our house this past week. And whenever that happens I'm so very conscious of how much I can't breathe. Breathing is such a big part of the meditation I do, and when my breath is short and struggling I feel it more than ever. By the sea this week was just a few minutes stopping here on our drive home. But it was enough time to inhale and exhale, and give thanks for being able to breathe big full beautiful breaths once again.


What are you most grateful for today?  

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  1. Beautiful words, Elisa!
    I am hoping the print arrives today.And I am grateful that an alarm beeping since before our normal alarm time isn't a neighbour's smoke alarm! [I think it may be coming from the veterinary surgery - they aren't open for at least an hour.]

  2. Happy to hear you were able to get that breath in by the sea, I am sure it felt amazing! Have a lovely week.

  3. I must take this tribe of mine seaside.., we're simply drowning in cold-y yuckiness. X

  4. Love this small meditation...


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