Friday, 4 April 2014

To soar

I walk outside to check the weather, and there are birds staring at me from the grass.

I look to the sky and a solo bird flies into the frame and sits directly in my view.

I step outside sleepily to watch the sun rise and birds are already perched on the fence and power lines singing their tunes.

And every time I see them I keep waiting for them to soar. You know the moment? When they move from still to up, up and away.  With purpose, with direction, with momentum, rhythm... with power and energy but with grace.

I keep waiting. And they keep on staying still. Fly, I think. Fly! Show me how you can soar.

Eventually I walk away. 

And eventually I come to the realisation that we don't need bold, dramatic or "something to talk about" action to soar. That we can soar immersed in stillness and in presence, in peace of mind and in heart. And sometimes without a word spoken, or written. Without a movement outward, but with expansiveness within.


{Soaring - how I soar, what I need to soar, to stay present, and to be the best me - has been on my mind this week, as has gratitude and the joy and presence that can come from creating a ritual that both honours and nourishes us. A lot to think about, and a lot I want to write and something I need to share... for another post soon! This week I feel most grateful for time - time alone and time together, and time to just be. Elisa x}

What are you most grateful for today? And what makes you soar?


  1. You're right about soaring being less about dramatic physical action, and more about feeling. That's exactly how I soar Especially when you're body is out of control... you're mind is left and can do wonderful things if you let it.

    I eagerly await to hear more from you... X

  2. Lovely words Elisa.

    I am grateful for my big girl for being so sweet and telling me all the reasons why I am special :) xx

  3. I love this Elisa, so beautifully written. I have to agree, it's in the moments in life where I'm present and my mind is still that my heart feels lightest. Looking forward to more posts on this. xx

  4. I needed this today. Sometimes coasting is okay and sometimes it's good. Sometimes just being is perfect.


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx