Wednesday, 9 April 2014

You ~ 14/52

It's been just the two of us for 15 hours a week for 10 weeks now.

My eyes on you, my heart taking all of you in. Your eyes brimming with excitement, your hand in mine.

And I've noticed...

You hold my hand tighter than usual when it's just the two of us.

When you show me that one-dimple smile, your eyes sparkle. I love it so very much.

You're even cheekier than your big sister. I never would have guessed my gentle baby would be. 

You have so many more words when it's just you and me. And you're not afraid to assert your intentions either. "I walk, no pram." Before the car is even parked...

You like your own company. Keen to explore for yourself. And create some distance between you and me.

You notice everything. So much so I find myself scrambling to make sure I'm noticing enough.

"Cup a tea?" you say as soon as we return home, picking up the teapot in your play kitchen.

And this past month, it's mummy you call me. I'm mama no more.

You're growing into a little girl, but still my baby. As you put it so sweetly to the mother and baby we met in the street, "Hi little baby! I big baby."

And I’m trying so hard to remember every part of you as you are at two and a half, trying so hard to remember these moments now forever. 

But mostly I find myself just focusing on the love, all that love. As you grow, I grow, and that love just keeps on surprising me and expanding even further too.


{Reflections after I took this photo last week ~ a beautifully sand-messy morning with just the two of us by the sea x} 


  1. Beautiful! I still remember the moment my little man stopped calling me mama...broke my heart. I am mommy now too :)

    Beautiful photo.

  2. "Hi little baby, I big baby" just melted my heart!
    What beautiful words you've written for a beautiful soul!

  3. Such gorgeous words, Elisa. What special moments for the two of you. X

  4. How gorgeous Elisa! Cherub is the same age, its so sweet watching them grow, yet so sad that they aren't our little bubba's anymore. xx

  5. amazing post. so much growth for mama and little ones all at once. it is an amazing ride. xx

  6. It was even more beautiful than I could have dreamt! Thank you. xox

  7. Those times when it's just the two of you are so special. Being able to focus just on your little one, her words, her growth, beautiful moments to treasure. xx


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