Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Nurture and need

There's washing to be done. Clothes to fold and sort. Beds to be made. Emails to be sent. Words to be written. Groceries to be bought. And yet here we began our day. Because today the sky looked magical, and I was just so sure the sea would be much the same. And yes it was. The sea and sky met with the calmest of blues. And were greeted by full deep freeing breaths by me, and excited shouts of "I see the water" from miss two. Because sometimes nurture just has to come before what needs to be done. And sometimes it turns out that nurture is your most important need. 


~ photo 20/52 in my by the sea series x {photos 18 & 19 yet to be posted!}


  1. So so beautiful Elisa. Sometimes our souls really need to be nurtured, the rest just has to wait. Wishing you a beautiful day. xx

  2. Beautiful!! I loved our holiday by the water, it was so calm and relaxing. xx

  3. Millions of times better than the North Sea!!!! [Oh I do like to be beside the seaside......]

  4. your words always soothe my soul amazing lady - sharing this in my newsletter and i hope it nurtures and soothes others or inspires them to tap into what they need - self care ! xxx

  5. We've just found the ocean again after spending a month inland in Europe
    I instantly felt calmer, my heart lighter

  6. Stunning photo and description of life !


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