Monday, 9 June 2014


As winter dances it's way into our days, time by the sea almost certainly equates to windy, cold and sprayed by water from crashing waves... 

This week I arrived early enough in the morning to surprise myself, and stayed long enough to watch the sky's colours change majestically. All the while the sea remained its dark and moody self. 

I was reminded of the many changes happening here right now, some inevitable, others chosen... and I kept thinking just how easily I could get swept up and rocked into a rhythm of looking ahead at what most likely will be, at changes expected... how easily I could be filled with anticipation, so much so that the here and now isn't fully felt at all. I can feel the pull in that direction right now... but that's very much not where I want to be. 

And so I witness the changes, and give thanks for what is... for the love I have to give, and the love I readily receive; for full nurturing breaths; for minutes alone by the sea; for little feet that run, dance, tip-toe, stomp and follow me along the floorboards; for the sound of laughter that graces our house every single day. 

I choose to not be swept up with anticipation, instead to honour the now and these very moments, all the while trusting in the next.


{So very many reasons I love the practice of gratitude - it brings me back to my core - to the essence of me; it keeps me mindful; it reminds me to stop and just be; it reminds how my happiness almost always comes from the simplest things; and it always shows me beauty and wonder in the everyday. Elisa xx} 

{Images 22/52 in my by the sea series.} 

What are you most grateful for today?


  1. Beautiful Elisa. Practising gratitude is grounding, isn't it? I hope that the changes headed your way are filled with happiness and love. X


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx