Friday, 27 June 2014

Just 10 minutes

"Why don't we take time for ourselves?"

"Because there's always something to do when you're a mum."

"But sometimes I just think it would be nice to be... alone. And do something for me. You know?"

"Yes, but the guilt... What would people think if I put myself first? Did something solely for me? It just sounds so.... indulgent."

"I know, I know... but what if it didn't cost money, and what if it wasn't that much time either... maybe just 10 minutes alone. And what if that 10 minutes meant I would move about the rest of my day feeling recharged, a little more nourished and calmer. Mindful even? That would make it worth it, wouldn't it?"

"I suppose if it was just 10 minutes..."

"Maybe 10 minutes is all I need..."

"Maybe 10 minutes is everything I need."


Do you give yourself a few minutes for you each day?

{I choose to give myself 10 minutes most days. Normally to just be, to breathe, meditate, write. Sometimes I read or take photos. Sometimes I lie down, sometimes I walk. Sometimes I'm not alone. And some days I only find five minutes, but even fewer minutes then I'd like make a world of difference. Image during my 10 minutes this morning by a ferocious sea. So windy my eyes watered, and to watch the waves it became necessary to take refuge behind the boat sheds. Elisa x}


  1. Love this shot through the sheds!
    10 minutes is a good plan.

  2. Love this! Spending time to yourself to think and relax DEFINITELY recharges the batteries for me xxx

  3. At the moment I don't give myself ten minutes. My time blogging and reading blogs was for me, but even that lately has dwindled. But it is my goal to get that "me" time back. I think it is very necessary.

  4. Love that shot.
    I take lots of time for me now but know it was harder when the girls were younger. It is the only thing that kept me sane-ish xx

  5. My parents came over today, and I lay down for over an hour! Felt so refreshed afterwards..
    Ronnie xo

  6. I really, really try to. I think it is super important and crucial to make time for ourselves. Taking that 'me time' allows me to feel good to take care of my fam.


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