Thursday, 26 June 2014

Solitude here. Again.

I keep coming back here. Three weeks in a row. Alone for 10 minutes, sometimes a little more before the pull of work sees me checking the time and moving on. I always leave feeling recharged.

This stretch of beach is small, and almost always deserted. And I think that's why I'm drawn here - to the solitude; all the while listening to my heart, and the sounds of the wind and sea. 


Do you crave solitude too? 

~ This time alone by the sea {and capturing it in photos} began as a way of putting my guiding word for this year (honour) into practice. It's become a ritual and incredibly nourishing for me. The photos above (images 23, 24 and 25/52) are all taken at the same time of day over three weeks. Elisa x


  1. I do crave solitude. This looks like a lovely place.

  2. More than ever I am craving solitude.
    When I get home I will be heading to a deserted beach just like this.

  3. Oh yes, I need a little bit of solitude each day! With the weather here not particularly nice this week, I've been retreating into my bedroom to read or knit for a few minutes here and there through the day. It makes a big difference. Enjoy. xxoo

  4. What a lovely place to gather your thoughts. Yes, some days I find that I need a little time to myself. When I've had that time I can be a better (less stressed) Mummy to my two girls xx

  5. Beautiful photos, so nice to make time for yourself.

  6. Lovely! I can feel how refreshing it is just from looking at the photos. :) This year I've resolved to take the time to discover and comment on a positive blog every day, and have found this a nourishing ritual also. I keep a list of my finds on my own blog, and have added yours as today's entry. Glad I came across it!


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx