Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Head & heart

I've been missing writing, and perplexed because perhaps for the first time in two and a half years I have felt unable to
write for here. For this space that's become an extension of my heart.

Despite my feet-on-the-ground and mindful intentions, my head went skyward - thinking, thinking, dreaming a little and unable to make a decision. Because, of course, the decision was not for my head at all, but for my heart. Funny that.

And when I checked in with my heart, it whispered find your joy. And that's where I've been. Finding my joy which
turns out is mostly just being, writing and creating from my heart (hello new prints, and an amazing new vision board), practicing yoga, talking and playing with my girls, time with family, reading fiction and neglecting my
facebook page

And while the past two weeks my energy has returned, it does feel a lot like I had to step back a few paces in order
to move ahead.


What's bringing you joy today? 


  1. What wise choices you've made.
    Enjoy all that surrounds you now.
    Happy day!

  2. Step back to move ahead...I think sometimes we all need that. Enjoy the joy you are finding. xo

  3. Every time I step back / slow things down I gain so much - clarity, energy, peace, inspiration, ideas, joy and love. EnJoy your time hon xxx

  4. Lovely thoughts. Thanks for sharing them. My joy today was taking time out with some friends. I didn't realise how much I was missing them.

  5. yes, so beautifully said x

  6. Hi Elisa,

    I think sometimes you need to step away from something to see how well it serves you. My instinct was right to leave Slow Heart Sing and grow something new.

    Thank you for your beautiful note that you sent back in April. I was very touched. I am writing again, but not at Slow Heart Sing. I'm starting anew over here: http://vanessateklenburg.com

    Hope you're well. You sound like you're on your perfect path.


  7. I like this post! Short and sharp yet still lovely. Glad you've been finding your joy, even if it's not here on the blog all the time!

  8. A lovely post. I have been finding my joy in my hobbies such as sewing and drawing. Spending time being creative is what makes me happy. I hope you have found your joy. xx


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx