Saturday, 19 July 2014

What's filling your bucket?

This week I helped out at miss four's kinder, and the topic of conversation on the mat was "What's filling your bucket?" And by that the teacher was referring to what's filling your heart - what makes you feel good about yourself and feel full of love - and what you can do to fill others' buckets - acts of kindness, comfort, friendship. It reminded me of this post. And it also sparked a conversation about what empties our buckets. 

Here were 20 four and five-year-olds openly sharing the words that fill them up, and words that can tear them down. And knowing the difference, and having an understanding of the impact our words and actions can have on others. 

And while this is pretty much my parenting aim - to fill my girls up with love, and help them identify all their emotions, and accept them too - I couldn't be more grateful that my little girl has a teacher who values wellbeing and nurture just as high as other areas of learning. 

It also reminded me that this is a question to reflect on often, and at all ages and stages of life. To identify what's filling me up {nourishing me}, perhaps what I need more of and what I can give more of, and definitely what I could do with less of. 


What are you most grateful for this week? What's filling your bucket?


  1. I think love always fills the bucket :)

  2. What a wonderful preschool teacher, how lovely x

  3. I love the whole basket concept for both children and adults. We often read How Full is Your Bucket for Kids with my little man and it allows him to really see how his actions and words affect others. Sometimes when we are in a difficult position I just have to ask him are you filling a bucket or emptying it, and things turn around.

    What's filling my bucket these days...time in the garden, time in nature, early morning quiet time, the sound of laughter and the long, slow days of summer.

    Have a lovely weekend Elisa. xo

    1. Oh wow that book sounds great! Will look it up now. Thanks Kim xx

  4. What a beautiful and inspiring post, words for thought and the soul. And what a beautiful teacher your daughter has in her life, someone who is on the same page as you. Wishing you a wonderful day. xxx

  5. She sounds like a lovely teacher Elisa, your daughter is so lucky. To be honest I've never thought of asking my 5 year old what is filling her basket. Its a great idea, and something we should do often to make her more aware of the things that she is grateful for. What's filling my fireplace for keeping me warm, my coffee machine for providing that important cup or 2 of coffee, and lots of hugs & kisses from my little girls xx

  6. I LOVE this, Elisa. Teaching and nurturing the "whole child" is something I am quite passionate about. What wonderful hands your girls are in, both with their teacher, and of course you, their beautiful Mumma.

    Filling my bucket right now is the fact that I have surrendered. There is so much {too much} on my plate right now, but instead of letting it weigh me down, I've embraced it and have let go of the unnecessary. Time with my girls and my presence IS enough. X

  7. These photos are amazing, but I also love the written entries for the photos as well. Beautiful!


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