Monday, 25 August 2014


After writing these words, we decided a little escape down the coast would be the perfect way to reset our pace. And a new rhythm we found. One that's left us recharged, and filled up on the joy that is being together with no real agenda for the day. Miss four wanted a journal of sorts of our three days away to show her family and friends; these are a few of the photos {snapped with my phone!} that tell the story of our time away. Just us, simple days, exploring new places, sharing laughter, love and time.  


{Also pic 34 in my by the sea series 52 project. You can view the rest of the images here xx} 

Have you escaped lately? What helps to reset your pace? X


  1. Looks like a wonderful escape. Happy to hear it has left you recharged and in the groove of a new rhythm. Enjoy!

  2. How utterly lovely Elisa, nothing like a quick escape to freshen the mind, body & soul. And how funny, my boys have each started their own little journals just recently, where they draw, write & paste photos of their adventures in. So very sweet :)


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