Monday, 17 November 2014

Living from here

This is your path. 
The path your heart chose.
Soar from where you stand.
Believe in who you are.
Bring love where it leads you.
Share what you know to be true.


~ I have journalled every day for almost two months now. These words were my first entry in my current journal. Today I wrote on the last page, and was reminded how much stopping for a minute or two to say "hello heart" and write from my heart fills me; and how much I want to be always living from here. Elisa x

Do you journal? What practises fill your heart?


  1. I don't journal regularly, just on and off. Love your words Elisa. xxoo

  2. Beautiful words. I do have a journal, and find the practice of writing in it very helpful in so many ways. Sometimes I share what has been written there, sometimes not :) xo

  3. I love my journal, but don't use it daily. Perhaps I will challenge myself to write in it daily for a month. I do find I use it mostly to release when things are hard or I'm not feeling on top of life. It would be really nice to use it as a reminder of postitive times as well and to help me focus on the great life that I do have.
    Hmm I think this has been as beneficial as a therapy session for me
    cheers Kate

  4. These words are so beautiful. I do have a diary that I write mostly what I have done each day but also something I am grateful for. It always reminds me of the little things that are so important each day. xxx


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx