Tuesday, 11 November 2014

This little shadow

This morning I heard "Stop following me!" screamed by my miss three.
But there was no-one following her.
Then again came her screamed request, and again. But this time she was outside and pointed to the little follower she was disgruntled with: her shadow.
"It's scary mummy. It won't go away."

I explained just how a shadow worked, and that hers belonged to only her.
But she was still unhappy.
So I stood in the sun and showed her my shadow.
She quickly stood in front of me, her shadow mostly in mine, just a little of her piggy tail poking out.
"That's better, mummy."


~ My big girl has her first prep school orientation tomorrow. She still wants to be close to her mummy, but she's been creating a whole lot of distance (independence) and doing so much growing up lately. I'm wondering just how long my little miss three will want to stay in mummy's shadow. For so so much longer, I do hope. Elisa x


  1. Adorable! I doubt you'll ever forget that.

  2. So adorable. How exciting and scary at the same time for her. I hope she comes away from the orientation excited for school xxx

  3. That's so gorgeous Elisa. Enjoy those moments with Miss Three. I love those special moments with my little miss. I hope your big girl enjoys her orientation. Popette is nearly finished her first year of school (Kindergarten). It goes by so quickly doesn't it? x

  4. So sweet! Hope orientation day goes well for your big girl x

  5. Bless both your Girls - and their Mother as well! xoxoxox

  6. Aww, I love it! It's so crazy how much they grow up in year three.

  7. Oh goodness how lovely she is!!!
    Good luck with orientation
    The letting go is so hard...

  8. Oh so beautiful. I love this age when they're learning something new everyday. I hope the orientation went well.


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