Sunday, 26 April 2015


It's a funny feeling being here. So hard to describe. Yet when you mention it to someone who's been here too they just know the feeling, and without a description. It's being in a space of waiting yet a space of readiness. A space in-between. An almost.

It's a wanting to force time to move faster.
It's knowing surrender is the only answer.
It's understanding this is so much bigger than me.
It's wondering. Wondering about time, how events will unravel, about you, about the four of us becoming five. 

And it's craving. Craving that sweet explosion of love I will feel when you first enter my arms. 

38 weeks. So close. So very close. For now I breathe and send love to you, little one. And I embrace this moment; this feeling, us here and now. Knowing that despite living this almost feeling three times now, this will be my last.



  1. Thinking of you Elisa. Wishing you all the best for the birth and beyond. Much love, Julie xxoo

  2. How lovely! Such an exciting time-hope all goes well x

  3. Goodness, so close to meeting that precious little one. Enjoy these last few weeks, and wishing you all the best for your birth. xo

  4. So beautifully written Elisa. Best wishes for safe arrival of your bundle and enjoy the love bubble that is to come xx

  5. I am not far behind you, being 33 weeks pregnant with my third. I know this space. It's so exciting for others but in many ways it feels extremely still for you in waiting. Best wishes for a safe delivery x

    1. Wishing a safe delivery Vicki. I pray your little one brings joy and happiness to you and your family :)

  6. I remember that place so well. It's indescribable but you've managed it brilliantly! xx

  7. Wow how exciting for you Elisa! Cherub was born at 38 weeks as a planned cesarean which meant I missed that experience of waiting. I hope you get to enjoy some time relaxing before bubs arrives, and that your wait will soon be over. xx Now for the big question...will you be changing your blog name?? xx

  8. Wishing you a safe birth, and a healthy baby.

  9. I do remember that feeling or the many feelings you have described so beautifully written about anticipating the birth of your third miracle. I hope you are keeping well. Thinking of you. xxx

  10. Hope it all goes well Elisa xo


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