Tuesday, 7 February 2017

With a single breath and a heart-focused intention

One week into Feb, 38 days into the new year... And it only now feels like my year is beginning.

We've sent a little one off to prep, a confident and eager miss seven into grade two and my little miss Ruby {now 21 months} is at home navigating our world with me by her side.

I haven't set a pace so far this year. And that's been unsettling for me. I've wanted a rhythm. But instead strived for a heart-centred hum to our days. We've done beautifully in carving out memories and moments this summer. And when all sense of balance has been thrown out, we've paused, breathed, banded together and started again.

Our first few weeks of January were slow and long in the best way. I found myself nourishing and nurturing my three together, but carving out time with each of my girls alone too. There's something about giving all your attention to them individually that sets my heart alight, as though I'm seeing them with new eyes, giving all my love to just one for a few moments. It's really quite hard to explain. 

But today it feels like only now my year is truly beginning, now that school is back, and I can schedule in some time for writing, some time for nurture, time to create and time to be alone. And it turns out that's what I've craved most so far this year. Time alone to write, to breathe, to just be. To reconnect with me.

And so, I've been dwelling on little rituals I can fold effortlessly into my day. Three rounds of salute to the sun in the morning. Ducking out the door for a short morning walk as the sun rises while the rest of the house sleeps. Stepping outside to look at the sky {looking up and giving thanks}. Writing down my blessings. Just writing, anything at all, but mostly for my heart. Reading a few pages of a new book before bed. Reminding myself to breathe, and then breathing and doing absolutely nothing else.  

And it seems this is where my rituals begin, with a single breath and a heart-focused intention. So here's to the start of a new year, and gratitude with each breath.


How was your January? Do you carve any mindful or nurturing rituals into your mornings/day? I'd love to know. Elisa xx

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  1. Lovely post Elisa. :) Your January sounds wonderful. I love to spend quality time with each of my girls. We had a nice mix of slow and busy days over the holidays. Now that I have Cherub in school, I hope to spend a little more time on myself and get back to reading, creating and more writing. xx

  2. yes it does take a little while to find the new rhythm for a new year. Enjoy the lovely time you have on your own, with your littlest during the day & with your others in the afternoons. I'm just beginning to fall into the rhythm for my year too- different from last year but hopefully productive and balanced.

  3. You really are a beautiful writers. This was lovely. There's nothing quite like that one on one time. I'd like to have more that with my girls this year. I'm glad you're finding some more time for you. #teamIBOT

  4. I am just finding my footing in 2017 too...seems this weekend it all kinda came together and I finally felt like yes, it's here :) I am enjoying little pockets of time to squeeze in those things that are important to me and make my heart sing, some are more ritual like than others, but that's okay. Enjoy your days Elisa. xo

  5. I love your rituals!! And also one on one time with your little ones is so special and something they will treasure forever! Lisa Live All The Days xx


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