Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Autumn reflections + seasonal reads

Oh Autumn! You've been intense. Refreshing so. 

You've taught me about bravery, vulnerability + authenticity. And that's seen me take a chance + embrace change. Ever so gently. Slowly. Slow enough to feel the letting go that change beckons, yet not be swept up + overwhelmed by it's current.

But mostly, this season has reminded me to carve out more time in nature to breathe and be. And in those breaths, I've been reminded why I create. Why I write. Why my heart needs it. Why writing is the key to my balance.

And so, this winter I will take time to delve within. In stillness and in heart. I will take moments of time afforded between mothering and make them mine. From here, I will write. And with my autumn-found courage, I will share. 


As the season changes to winter here I'll be turning to these reads:

The Way of The Happy Woman* by Sara Avant Stover {inspiration, yoga + gentleness for the season's rhythm}
Only Love Today* by Rachel Macy Stafford {seasonal reminders + inspiration as I parent with heart}
- And I'll be most likely playing with this Love Notes card deck* by Kris Carr + Lori Portka all year {bringing awareness to my body, self + situations with love}. 


How has this season been for you? Does your rhythm chang
e as the seasons do? Any recommended reads?
I'd love to know. Elisa xx

*affiliate links. This means if you choose to purchase these recommendations, a tiny percentage of the price comes back to me.


  1. I love autumn! we are heading into summer and I'm going to try my best to love it, cooler weather is much better for me and being a knitter I can wear all of my stuff!

  2. It's the first day of winter now and I love your words and your picture

  3. I missed almost half of autumn because I was in the UK but it's always my favourite season. I'm off to check out the Kris Carr card deck, I love her work! I'm currently reading "Lion" and it's just like the movie only better. I love losing myself in a book, don't you?! Hope your winter is wonderful!


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx