Thursday, 14 September 2017

I keep coming back to here

I keep coming back to here. Every day if I can. At least five times a week of late. 

The sea reminds me to breathe full breaths. It brings me back to my breath. To one single breath. 

It reminds me that each moment is precious. And to feel all of me in this very moment. Not to think of yesterday's moments or tomorrow's. This moment. And then the next.

When I stand here with the sea, I feel all the more alive. Because here I am mindfulness. Sometimes only for a handful of minutes. Sometimes I'm afforded a whole lot more. But presence, regardless of the time limit, is what makes the difference.

I'm sharing today a round up of images of the sea I've taken in recent weeks. 

Notice how each is so different? Notice how the colours of the sea change each day? As does it's rhythm. 

I've tried to capture the beauty of the sea in my photos, yet none are similar and different aspects have stood out to me each day. 

Each time I pause to observe the sea, I find myself acknowledging how it presents on this day, connecting with its rhythm and giving thanks for it. I never judge the sea. I find beauty in the sea despite its actions, despite its rhythm, despite its appearance. There's a lesson in there. And it's so very applicable to me. 

As I breathed in the sea air this morning, I gave thanks for the me that simply showed up today. I gave thanks with gentleness, kindness and a loving heart. Without judgement. And realised this space feels new to me. 

So here I stand, committing to loving me better. Unconditionally. Stepping into my own power. With big nourishing sea breaths as encouragement. And as a reminder that this moment, this breath, right now is always the perfect time to begin. Again. 


Do you love the sea too? Is my lesson a lesson for you? 
What actions do you take to nurture your heart and soul? To love your whole self better?
I'd love to know. Elisa x

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  1. Beautiful. I wish I could visit the sea every day. The key thing for me that you mentioned was "the me that simply showed up today". Showing up has been on my mind a lot lately- no focus on results, no expectations or judgement. Just celebrating every time I show up fully. Xx

  2. I love the sea too, being close to the sea it's to me, healing and calmness.
    Beautiful post.
    Have a lovely weekend!

    Luisa xoxo

  3. The sea is glorious isn't it. All the different moods, sometimes serene, sometimes terrifying. How lovely to live close enough to visit every day. CJ xx

  4. Oh gosh, yes, I love being by the always brings peace and healing. I think I am destined to live by the water one day....

  5. Being a wave and part of the sea always helps me understand my connection to source. I love the sea, thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures ����


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx