Monday, 4 February 2019


It never feels like the new year begins til February for me. Maybe it's because then school returns and our family slots back into a little more routine than rhythm. 

Maybe it's because Summer seems to be my season, when I can flow with the tide more effortlessly. Days drift into each other, but presence abounds and gratitude floats freely.

Just like the past four years, this year I've chosen a word to guide my year. But this time I chose my word hesitantly. The word came at me in November, and I pushed against it, willing the universe to perhaps present something a little easier? 

Last year's word of light, revealed every bit of darkness I was holding onto. It felt murky, messy, complicated and hard for a long while before even a touch of freedom and light arrived. So this year, when "truth" came to the surface I happily declined. But it kept coming, so Truth it is. My one word, my guiding mantra, weaved into a manifesto of sorts in my mind and thoughts.

And a month in, it's guided me well. It's leading me to seeking {and questioning} my truth - my heart's desire for living this next wondrous year. It's encouraging me to set goals, and take action on them. And it's reminded me to ask myself, "What is your truth here?" in every prickly situation where healing is required. My truth hasn't always been easy to hear, but acknowledging it has only fostered acceptance and growth.

So here's to a year of living from our hearts, speaking our truth, acknowledging and embracing our truth and evolving in gratitude from here. 

And to writing more; from the heart. 


It's been a long while between posts... almost a year. But truth is, I've desperately wanted to write from my heart and share it here, but I've felt much too vulnerable and the raw words have been left in my journal instead. This year feels different already, and I'm hoping to carve out time to write freely and share a whole lot more. Have you chosen a guiding word for 2019? I'd love to know. Elisa x


  1. That's a great choice of word and it sounds like it's the perfect fit for you! Look forward to seeing more of you around the blogosphere this year :)

    1. Thank you! Despite my resistance, I think it will be a great word - and year! Look forward to connecting more xx

  2. You're back! I love that you feel different for this year and I hope you like being back to blogging.

    1. Thanks so much Karen! I feel so much lighter, and looking forward to blogging more x


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