In brief... With Grace & Eve speaks of love, life, motherhood, gratitude, mindfulness and meditation. It's what happened when a mum's {Elisa's} search for balance and a writer's need to create met with a desire to share. This blog has evolved into sharing words from the heart. In the end, it seems those words are what matters most, and those words are the ones calling out to be shared. 

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Want to know more? Here's what to expect... Words and thoughts {mostly from the heart} on motherhood and mindfulness, finding wonder in a crazy-busy bedlam day, wellbeing {finding even better health}, the battle for balance, inspiration {in the everyday}, learning to live more gratefully and mindfully, and the occasional dose of meditation.

Wondering who this Elisa chick is?
Elisa is the blogger behind With Grace & Eve. A professional writer, journalist and editor, she joined the publishing industry more than 10 years ago and has since written and edited for country newspapers, community newspapers, metro magazines, glossy magazines, websites and more, including parenting, health, home & lifestyle titles.

Elisa's very good at biting off more than she can chew. Stress used to be her middle name. It took having a baby (she's now mum to three little ladies!) and a whole lot of yoga to slow her down. And it's only recently that she's realised she will never be perfect. She's still getting used to that.

When Elisa's latest editor/writer gig came to a sudden halt, she decided to bite the bullet and jump online and start the blog she's been talking about starting for years.   

But who are Grace and Eve? Grace and Eve are two beautiful little sisters. Grace, the older sister, adores Eve, and shows her every day with kisses, cuddles and often a less-than-gentle squeeze. Eve, the little one, responds with her one-dimple smiles, coos and giggles following her big sister everywhere she goes. All the while, love abounds leaving one very happy mama to watch on.  

But yes, there's a little more to the name... Grace symbolises the immense gratitude Elisa felt when falling pregnant so easily and effortlessly with her first-born daughter. And right now, she's working on cultivating more grace and gratitude in her every day. She has so much to be thankful for. Living gratefully each and every day has become her work in progress. 

Eve {meaning life, the start of something new} symbolises both hope and life's opportunities. Elisa believes it's never too late to try something new, never too late to forgive, never too late to heal, never too late to dream, never too late to start again. Because we're always {always} on the eve of something new.


It's lovely to have you here. Thanks so much for stopping by xx 

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